gpt zero

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GPT Zero is designed for the purpose of recognizing the text written by AI.

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ChatGPT an AI application has gained much attention all over the world recently. It can work on incredibly on wide range of applications from answering queries ,translating, writing scripts, although its knowledge cutoff is limited to 2021.Any one can access it because of it easy to use format.

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GPT Zero

From there a problem arise that the education system would be effected badly because the students can auto generate their course work potentially.

However the problem is solved by the new app named gpt zero.

If we talk about the GPT zero history so it is developed by 22 year old Princeton student Edward tian for the purpose of analyzing the text if it is generated by an AI. Edward tian , a computer major with a minor spend his winter vacations developing GPT Zero. Organization has been working on a method to “watermark” GPT-generated text with a noticeable secret signal to identify its source.

It can distinguish ChatGPT essay from human written one with speed and accuracy

GPT zero is recently over crowded because many users want to know whether the text is machine generated or human written

The department of education of New york city blocked chatgpt by concerning the consequences of it on education system.

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