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ameca|ameca robot vs sophia robot

Ameca is a humanoid robot developed by the Ameca Robotics company. This advanced robot is designed to assist humans in a variety of tasks and is equipped with cutting-edge technology that allows it to perform tasks with great accuracy and precision.

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haarp|is haarp responsible for earthquake in turkey and syria

Recently there is an earthquake in Syria ,Turkiye and Lebanon which causes massive damage and loss of lives in Turkiye and Syria. there are rumors that this devastating earthquake in Turkiye and Syria is the part of conspiracy of western world. HAARP has the ability to change atmosphere. As HAARP works by reflecting radiowaves it can penetrate in to the tentonic plates of the earth and causes massive earthquakes.

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codex|codex openai

Codex is a software application that provides a simple, clean and modern interface for writing, testing and deploying code. It aims to make the process of writing code easier and more efficient, by offering a range of features and functionalities that streamline the development process.

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gpt zero

It can distinguish ChatGPT essay from human written one with speed and accuracy

GPT zero is recently over crowded because many users want to know whether the text is machine generated or human written

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ai detection tool|chatgpt tool for detection ai writing

AI detection tools have become increasingly popular in recent years. They help organizations detect and mitigate security threats, monitor network activity, and automate repetitive tasks. In this blog, we will discuss the top AI detection tools and their key features, along with tips for using them effectively.

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chatgpt firm trials 20$ subscription fee monthly

chatgpt firm trials 20$ subscription fee monthly this news is prevailing every where.

In USA , chatgpt is trailling a subscription fee services of about $20 per month and the subscriber can access to the platform even when it is hard to log on to and also priority access to new features,chatbot creator openai said.

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will google buy chatgpt

The major problem which can favor the above question ,”will google buy ChatGpt” is that it is overwhelming google

but according to my opinion despite of diverse range of internet text ,it has some serious limitation in which one is

that its knowledge cutoff is limited to 2021and secondly it cannot count the numbers.